Case II

We had a German individual who was passed to us by the Local Authority and appointed by the Court of Protection. No one knew anything about him.

The house was unfit to live in, and so we had him placed in care (he is now very happy).

We found he held over £500,000 in the Bank, so we spent £75,000 on making the house habitable; and we then let it out for £1,500 per month.

In addition, we approached the German Embassy who assisted us in searching his history. The German Department Work & Pensions, had been trying to find him to pay a State Pension for some 3 years; and also he had worked for a German Bank who had also been trying to find him. As a result, we obtained back pay on his pensions; and some £1,500 per month in pensions going forward.

As a result we had funds and income to pay for his Care Home, this saving the Local Authority the cost.