Employee Fraud

We were retained by the Defence in a Fraud case for a high profile Travel Firm.

The bookkeeper was alleged to have stolen monies over a number of years from her employers.

As part of my investigation for the defendant, I asked to visit the firm and review their Accounting Records and systems. This was refused; so I complained to the Judge and got an order for me to check the records.

On investigation, I found that the Fraud was such that a number of people could have been responsible.

In addition, on checking the systems; I found that no changes had been made to stop such Fraud.

On investigating further; I found that the fraud had continued after the Defendant had been sacked and prosecuted.

When we arrived in Court, we were informed that the Chief Accountant had gone missing. The case was dropped against our defendant; who subsequently obtained damages for libel and defamation of character.