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If you've not yet prepared or submitted your self-assessment then you're not alone, over 3 million people have yet to complete theirs.  Perhaps you've just put your head in the sand hoping it will go away, but unfortunately the problem won't and you will start to incur fines from HMRC making it even more stressful for you.  

At Goddards Accountants, we can assist with various taxation services including your self-assessment. We have over thirty years experience in Personal and Corporate Taxation, Capital Gains Tax and Tax Investigations.

We offer cloud accounting that will save you money and enable us at Goddards Accountants to work with you throughout the year on your figures. Clients who have already moved their accounts into the cloud have found it has saved them money; and by working more closely with us, their accountants, we ensured they are more efficient and profitable. 

We use an industry leading range of cloud accounting softwares including: Quickbooks, Xero, Clearbooks, Receipt Bank, Kashflow and FreeAgent. 

Speak to one of our friendly team today and put self-assessment worry behind you.

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We handle all the paperwork and deal with the tax authorities so that you have more time to focus on the running of your personal life or business. We take the pain, so you get the gain.


Personal Taxation

Anyone in business either as a self-employed person, a partner in a business or a company director must complete a Self Assessment Income Tax Return. Simple planning and the right advice can make completing your income tax return relatively painless, and can save you money.

Self Assessment can strike fear into contractors, freelancers and company directors. Once the 6th April has passed, it is only a matter of time before you have to dig out all the relevant information and tell HMRC how much money you owe them.

To notify HMRC with a paper return, you must submit your return by 31st October; otherwise the return must be filed electronically.

At Goddards Accountants, we prefer to file electronically, as HMRC send us an immediate electronic confirmation of submission



From 6th April 2019, your Self Assessment will be more complicated as you now have potentially 3 personal allowances; Ordinary, Dividend and Interest.


So what do we require from you to get started?

Your Main Tax Return

⦁ Interest from UK Banks & Building Societies 

⦁ Dividends & Interest from Bonds, Stocks & Shares 

⦁ Interest from National Savings Accounts 

⦁ Details of State Pensions and Other Benefits Received 

⦁ Income from Occupational & Personal Pensions 

⦁ Gains on Life Insurance Policies 

⦁ Contributions to Personal Pensions & Retirement Annuities 

⦁ Details of Interest Payments on Loans 

⦁ Details of Maintenance or Alimony Payments 

⦁ Details of Gift Aid & Payments Under Charitable Covenants 

⦁ Details of any Student Loan Repayments 

⦁ Details of any Family Tax Credits, including Child Benefit 

⦁ Any Other Relevant Income & Outlays (Annuities etc.) 

Email to:   accounts@goddards-accountants.co.uk

Tax Return Supplements

⦁ Employment P60, P45 & P11D is applicable for each employment in the year 

⦁ Trading Income, Expenditure & Assets from Self Employment & Partnerships, including Depreciation of any Fixed Assets 

⦁ Income & Expenditure from Rental Property & Holiday Lets, including Mortgage Interest Certificates 

⦁ Details of any Foreign Income 

⦁ Details of any UK Tax and Foreign Tax already paid 

⦁ Details of any Capital Gains, e.g. from the sale of property or shares 

⦁ Details of Income from Trusts, Settlements & Estates of the Deceased 

⦁ Details of any non-residence or dual-residence status 

⦁ Residency remittances 

Other Details

Copy of last years' Self Assessment Tax Return, if applicable 

Details of any Tax paid on Account in the Year 

Details of any changes to your circumstances that may affect your Allowances, changes in address, employment etc.