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Instantly share your receipts with Goddards Accountants in real-time and get your own personal accountant for an affordable monthly payment that includes 1Tap

Say goodbye to the stress and worry of completing your annual Self Assessment

Being a sole trader isn't easy. You are the business, and every move you make has a consequence. When it comes to your Self Assessment with the HMRC it can take a lot of time, effort and even money from you.

Time is incredibly precious and needs to be used productively with as little hassle as possible.

1Tap Receipts from Goddards Accountants, Surrey has been created with that in mind. It's straightforward, intuitive and makes running your business much easier. Whenever you have a receipt, either paper or digital in an email, just photograph it with your mobile phone or forward on your email, then we do all the work for you to help you squeeze a little more juice out of your Self Assessment.

1Tap Receipts extracts all the key information from your receipts, such as the amount, categories, dates and supplier then files them, ready for your HMRC Self Assessment form.

Instantly share your receipts with Goddards Accountants in real-time. No more chasing around and gathering your receipts.

Simply snap or email a picture of a receipt, invoice or bill wherever you are and 1Tap will act as your 24/7 virtual bookkeeper. All the data needed to complete the expenses section of your Self Assessment is done for you using a combination of simple app technology and actual people at Goddards Accountants to handle the tricky ones. Paying the right amount of tax, being organised, compliant and audit ready is now just a single tap away.  

It's easy!

1. Open the smartphone app and choose one of three options: Home, Camera or HMRC.

2. See the paper receipt on the screen, just push the red shutter button and it starts winging it away to the automated Receipt  Bank expense recognition system. One of the app’s great features is that it will automatically assign the expense to a default category based on the supplier’s name.

But it doesn’t stop there! 

Imagine being able to say goodbye to the stress and worry of actually completing your annual Self Assessment!  Thanks to Goddards Accountant cloud based accounting services you can now have your own expert chartered accountant for a simple monthly fee which also includes your fast and efficient 1Tap Receipts service app.

Finally you can say goodbye to the one off accountants invoice at the end of each year!

What's more we can even import your current desktop based accountancy software and your accounts and put it into the cloud for you.

Goddards Accountants 1Tap Options:

Bronze package - £8.00 per month

Silver package - £40.00 per month includes 1Tap for your mobile device, storing of data and the preparation and submission of your Self Assessment to HMRC.

Gold package - £60 per month includes 1Tap for your mobile device, storing of data, preparation and submission of your Self Assessment to HMRC and a  review of your accounts to see where further savings could be made. 

But why do I need an accountant when I can just use 1Tap on its own?

1Tap has been specifically designed to help UK traders cope with the demands of HMRC’s proposed Making Tax Digital regime.  Within six years everyone has to be in the cloud and by 2020 every sole trader or self employed person must submit a quarterly Self Assessment!

Millions of pounds go unclaimed every year from self employed people like you. Never miss another tax deduction and let Goddards Accountants manage all your expenses and HMRC Self Assessment and ensure you claim everything you possible can!

Hefty fines can quickly stack up if you miss the tax return deadline, with Goddards Accountants running your accounts you will never miss a deadline or have to spend days hunting round for receipts since we will have them all stored online, ready to access at the touch of a button. This helps avoid stress, worry and most of all hefty fines, it isn't just one deadline there are many!

If you miss the final deadline to file your 2016-17 return HMRC will charge you £100. The following fines are levied for subsequent missed deadlines:

  • Three months late - A fine of £10 for each following day up to a 90 day maximum of £900. This is in addition to the fixed penalty above, so the overall fine could be £1,000.
  • Six months late - A fine of either £300 or 5% of the tax due, whichever is the higher, will apply on top of the penalties above.
  • 12 months late - Another £300 fine or 5% of the tax due, whichever is the higher, will be added to your bill on top of the penalties above. In serious cases you may be asked to pay up to 100% of the tax due instead, as  well as any tax you owe, doubling your payment. 

That's why is makes sense to have your own personal Goddards cloud accountant, one that can give you sound advice to help relieve your accounting worries and ensure you're always 1Tap ahead in your business.

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